More than 30 years in the music entertainment

        with over 3000 stage appearances,

     experienced composer, producer, musician



1975 first place price at Youth Photography Competition of Maribor Slowenia.


In the 80ies on Tour with Bands through the Europe and active as Studio Musician.


1990-1995 active as a DJ/Musician in Sölden, Ischgl,..Discoteques through Austria


1995-1998 many TV appearances with the German Band Jamei/Alpensound


1997 Steinberg Recording Price!


2002 SnowRock Trade Mark, CD-Productions


2000-2006 DJ/Musician unique Solo Program


2005 composed Oberstdorf Ski WM Composition


2005 as a DJ/Musician/Moderator,

        very successful "End of the Saison Open Air" in Ischgl


2006 SnowRock, his own  two days End of the Saison Music Festival in Ischgl


2011 Eurovision Song Contest, preparation-preproduction for Nadine Beler

      - Background Choirs preparations for Nadine Beiler TV TOTAL performance


Since 1998 produced and composed over 500 compositions in his Studio.


2015 composed, arranged an Instrumental composition for Solo Viola

        performed by Mari Adachi and Tiroler Symphonie Orchestra


2016 composed music for "AMINA", award winning short film


Producing, composing in the  Styles of Jazz, Reggae, PoP, Rock to Latin,

Ethno-World Music, Classic, Instrumentals music...


Writing Lyrics in English, German, exYu, Slowenian languages


Since 2009 engaged to DLSR Filming, Videography&Photography


over 3 million of views of my video productions on youtube.





Mladen Archie Delic